Moj čudoviti um

Documentary film


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The story starts with Jože Felc’s day of birth, which was exactly on the day that WW II started. His mother, was unable to breastfeed him and because of stress, he was soon predestined to die. While the local priest was giving him last anointment, an old medicine women came by and gave his mother a recipe for some strange flower-vegetable brew that help him to survive. Dr. Felc later attended grammar school in Idrija and worked in the Idrija mercury mine during the summers. The turning point in his young years was when he worked at the Idrija psychiatric hospital one summer. As if he had been able to foretell that the hospital would become his home once, after working there, he decided to study medicine and psychiatry. At the very beginning faculty of medicine, he was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, so he decided to study neurology after finishing his psychiatric specialization. In 1973, he started working at the Idrija Psychiatric Hospital. After five years of working there, he became the senior doctor.


Film director
Miha Čelar

Rožle Bregar

Sašo Kolarič

Lighting technician
Gašper Kocjančič

Sound recordist
Aljaž Lukan

Miha Čelar

3D animation
Alen Novogradec

Animation designer
Rožle Bregar