I Choose to Live (Hočem živeti)

Short documentary film


The documentary »I Choose to Live« presents a touching confession of a young girl who after losing her mother, tried to end her life. Later on she struggled with self-destructive behaviour and also an eating disorder. In this documentary the young girl is superbly portrayed by the actress Nina Rakovec. The theme of mental health of youngsters is highlighted with the help of the professional counsellors.»The experience of creating this documentary was on one hand very painful for me. Feelings of pain, despair, fear and emptiness which were already repressed and forgotten took over me. I was lost in time somewhere between my past and my present, trapped in a black hole full of negative thoughts. But this time I wasn’t alone. The film cast and crew were all there for me. They supported and encouraged me. Therefore painful memories turned into something beautiful. As important as this film is to me – it is even more important due to the fact that it brings such great hope to all the youngsters who are in distress or experiencing troubling times. « N. D.

Ljudska Univerza Radovljica


Nina Rakovec

Film director
Nejc Levstik

Rožle Bregar

Music composer
Bojan Simončič

Tadej Gorzeti

Lighting technician
Gašper Kocjančič

Sound recordist
Aljaž Lukan

Assistant director
Natalija Rodošek

Camera assistant
Miha Avguštin

Žiga Čikič

Make up artist
Manja Trtnik

Special effects make up artist
Anita Ferčak

Anka Simončič

Gašper Kocjančič

Animation designer
Rožle Bregar

Sound designer
Aljaž Lukan

Gašper Kocjančič