The Undamaged
Documentary, 2018 (52min)

The Undamaged tells the story of the threatened rivers of the Balkans. Created by a crew of friends and kayakers, the film honours everyday people and local activists who are fighting to defend rivers from Albania to Slovenia. It’s a tribute to our dear Anka Makovec and an invitation to join the fight against unnecessary hydro dams. Need proof that nature conservation can be Rock’n’Roll? Come see the film and join us for action!

Leeway Collective


Supported by

Production crew
Idea Rok Rozman
Directors Rožle Bregar, Matic Oblak, Miha Avguštin
Cinematography Rožle Bregar, Matic Oblak
Camera Miha Avguštin
Editor Svetlana Dramlić Jovičić
Sound designer Gašper Loborec
Visual identity & Ilustrations Dalibor Kazija
Additional illustration Bor Šparemblek
Music composer Janez Dovč
Producers Rok Rozman, Matic Oblak