Aljažev Stolp
Documentary, 2014 (52:52 min)

The Aljaž Turret has been standing on top of Triglav, 2864 m a.s.l., for 120 years. It is a cultural monument of exceptional value. Who erected it and why, who took care of it and how, what is the turret’s history, and what its meaning? What does it mean to the Slovenes today? And what can we do for its preservation? Its history, which in a way is also the history of the Slovenians from the late 19th century onwards, provides the story line of the film.

Produkcijska skupina Mangart

Gorazd Lemajič

Production crew
Film director Vojko Anzeljc
Director of photography Rožle Bregar
Lighting technician Gašper Kocjančič
Sound recordist Aljaž Lukan
Producer Sašo Kolarič
Camera assistant Miha Avguštin

Other Crew
Technical assistance Tine Marenče, Iztok Lemajič